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    Gaining weight with a fast metabolism can be tough. You got to eat big to get big they say. True, but it's even better to eat smart than to eat big. Skinny guys and hardgainers often have dreams of building that strong lean and defined physique that so many of us so desperately crave but become discouraged with their ultra fast metabolism. Sometimes they try short cut to use anabolic steroids in sustanoncycle.top blog. Everything you eat seems to be burnt straight back off. So how do you gain weight with a fast metabolism? Heres how:

    Eat More Calorie Dense Foods

    To gain weight with a fast metabolism you will need to eat more calorie dense foods. Calorie dense foods are classed as foods that provide a lot of calories in relation to their portion size. For example, 100 grams worth of salad is not a calorie dense meal if you compare it to 100 grams of pasta. It makes sense to eat consume calorie dense foods rather than sticking to healthy low calorie foods if you're looking to gain weight. Here are some great calorie dense foods that I recommend you add into your diet to help you gain weight and build muscle:

    • Carbohydrates: Pasta, spaghetti, rice, potatoes, bread and beans.
    • Protein: Cheese, Milk, Red meats and high protein weight gainers.
    • Fats: All kinds of oils, nuts and nut butters such as peanut butter etc.

    Incorporating the above foods into your diet instead of low calorie alternatives will prove far more effective when looking to gain weight or build muscle. If you are worried about neglectin'g certain vitamins and minerals in your diet then purchase one of these multivitamins. Most diets will be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals so I would recommend a multivitamin to everyone.

    Track Your Calories

    Tracking your calories is far more effective than just eating what you think is enough. People who say they cant put on weight are always under eating. If you think about it, its simple! If your not gaining weight then you are not eating enough. When I say not eating enough I'm not referring to how many times you eat throughout the day. I'm talking about how many calories you are consuming throughout the day.

    Some people think they eat a lot but have they ever tracked how many calories their taking in? No. You have to remember that the only number that matters when looking to gain weight comes from your calories. If you take in less calories than your body burns then you will not put on weight. If you consume more calories than your body burns then you will gain weight.

    To find out how many calories you need each day you need to find your body's maintenance level. Either google it and find a calorie calculator or times your bodyweight in pounds by 16 for a quick estimate. If you weigh 160 pounds times 160 by 16 to find your maintenance level of calories.

    Once you have it add at least 500 calories to this number and focus on consuming this amount of calories every single day. I can guarantee you that you will put on weight if you do this. If a week goes by and the scales don't budge add another 500 calories to your diet as you probably calculated your maintenance level incorrectly.

    Minimize Long Cardio Sessions

    Cardio is great for burning fat and losing weight but when your looking to gain weight with a fast metabolism then long sessions of cardio can hamper your progress. Cardio Is great for your body health and fitness levels so I do not recommend you eliminate it completely. However, if your performing 40-60 minutes of cardio everyday then calories burnt along with an elevated metabolism is going to make it even harder for you to gain weight.

    Try limiting cardio to 3 days a week or incorporating shorter sessions of cardio into your routine such as HIIT. On your cardio days feel free to take in extra calories to make up for the ones that get burnt as a result of cardio. If you love cardio and simply want to include it in your routine every day then fine but you will need to up your calorie intake even more to compensate for lost calories.

    I Still Cant Gain Weight!

    Then your not listening scroll back up and read the above three points again! A lack of weight gain means you do not have enough calories in your diet. Eat calorie dense foods, find your maintenance level of calories and track your calories for the first week or so so you know you are consuming the correct number of calories to gain weight. Minimize any long cardio sessions you may have going on in your routine and you will gain weigh I guarantee it. If your not then your not being honest with yourself.

    Are you being honest with your diet and eating regularly and tracking calories correctly to put on weight? Have you calculated your maintenance level of calories correctly? Are you weighing yourself once a week and first thing in the morning to accurately measure your weight gain? Ensure you are and be consistent in your efforts to gain weight.

    If you want an easier alternative to reaching your calorie intake each day then purchase one of these weight gainers. Weight gainers are a great source of calories and can be consumed quickly and conveniently to make gaining weight a whole lot easier.

  • Muscle Building Diet Plan

    There are many articles on how to lose weight, but what if you want to gain weight? If you want to gain more muscle mass then you have to be ready and change up your diet. Although stuffing yourself with food is part of the diet, it will not be technically that simple. You have to first start off with a plan of how you will diet, and then plan out a schedule. Example schedule plan see at bestlegalsteroids.co, they have complete list about it.

    Your Diet and Exercise Plan

    Most people will get to a point to where they will not gain weight anymore when working out, and that is common. If you are one of those people then follow this diet plan exactly. You need to eat almost 5,000 calories a day with a minimum of 225-250 grams of protein each day. The way you do this is by filling yourself with a lot of calories, protein, carbs, and fat. Just eat a lot each day, and every two hours your awake eat food and make sure you drink about a gallon of water a day. You will stick to this diet for two weeks with a hard and heavy workout plan that is 4-5 days consecutive a week.

    The reason for this type of dieting is because to gain muscle you first need to gain fat, and then cut the fat back into permanent muscle. Bodybuilders have to do this process all the time and could never gain the muscle mass they want my just simply building lean muscle. After your two weeks of plumping up are up, now it is time to trick your body. The third week of the diet is going to be dropping down drastically in your diet and exercise.

    This phase of the week you only want to eat low carbs, lean meats, veggies, and fruits. The diet should come out to around 2,000 calories a day being eaten with about 200 grams of protein. With your exercise you will weight train light every other day. You will probably lose some water weight but do not worry about that. After this week switch back to the first phase for another two weeks. This is going to send your body into a fully natural anabolic state, and release lots of testosterone. During your heavy training you will notice the difference in your body.

    You should have gained 20-30 pounds of muscle after doing this diet and exercise plan for 6 months exactly as how it was stated. No lazy days or times when you just do not feel hungry to eat. Stuff the food in your mouth, pound it down with water, and go pump weights then cut it. Doing this will greatly increase your muscle mass and build.

    What not to do

    Do not take this as an excuse to stuff your face and not workout at all. There nothing harmful about gaining weight if you lose it pretty quickly. Unless you continue down a high calorie path with heavy protein supplementation, which then puts you at risk of harmful effects such as heart disease from obesity. Always exercise when gaining weight to keep your body moving and blood pumping.

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